Since 1990, Cargo Craft has manufactured a wide variety of enclosed trailers to meet our customer's needs.
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We have a complete line of trailers for EVERY need!

By building better trailers that provide smooth towing and stable handling, we can live up to our slogan "Tow the Best and Forget the Rest."

An unequaled THREE YEAR WARRANTY that includes both materials and workmanship is standard!

We also manufacture Custom Built Enclosed Trailers that are made to order. Whether it's a "branded" trailer such as Harley Davidson, Indian Motocycles, or even YOUR OWN LOGO and name, we can create trailer of your DREAMS!!

About Cargo Craft, Inc.

We are dedicated to the quality construction of multi-use cargo trailers! We have been producing a COMPLETE line for trailers for EVERY need since 1990!!

Choose from our extensive catalog of trailers & accesories to find the product to meet your specific needs!